Saturday, 30 July 2011


What is it with headcase basketball players wanting to play in the UK?

British basketball fans will remember that NBA legend Dennis Rodman once played three games for the Brighton Bears of the British Basketball League back in 2006. Yes, the same Dennis Rodman who won five championship rings with the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons and who found worldwide fame with his multicoloured hairstyles and penchant for cross-dressing.

The latest headcase linked with a move to the BBL (and, lets be honest, you need to have a few screws loose to want to play basketball in the UK) is, apparently, Ron Artest. Yes, the same Ron Artest who once famously started a riot during a Pistons vs Pacers game in November 2004 for which he received the longest suspension for an on-court altercation in NBA history.

Brighton was a logical temporary home for Dennis Rodman. After all, the city is famous for its cosmopolitan night life. As for Ron Artest, apparently he's shown an interest in playing for the Cheshire Jets. Personally, I can't imagine Ron Artest fitting in particularly well in Chester, Runcorn or Crewe but maybe it's all part of Artest's master plan to spread world peace? (Artest is attempting to legally change his name to 'Metta World Peace').

Jets director Pete Hawkins was quoted as saying "I spoke to Ron's representatives on Tuesday night. We have agreed the fundamentals of the deal and Ron is coming over (to England) in a few weeks".

Ron Artest is quite possibly crazy enough to consider choosing the BBL over other more well-established leagues. His earning potential is surely lower in the UK than in, say, Turkey, Italy or Spain. However, there's no doubting that his presence in the BBL would do wonders for the popularity of basketball in this country.

Just don't go throwing any beer at him.


  1. Most Americans that I know have a very favorable view of England - London in particular but the entire Nation. It is not surprising that someone who wants to play in Europe but still play in an English speaking Nation would choose the BBL and the standard of play is not as bad as some make it out to be.

  2. You're right, there are certainly some valid reasons why Artest would prefer to play here. However, sadly, the BBL is one of the weaker leagues in Europe, so the level of competition will be quite poor. I hope he is aware of that. Mind you, he probably just wants to keep his fitness levels up. If he can do so while averaging 25ppg, 12rpg and 5apg, then all the better.

  3. I know a few English basketball fans who over rate the BBL but I think some under rate it as well. It isn't too bad and I am not sure that Artest would score 25 a game there but I've been wrong before so who knows. You've had a few good former college players go over there like former Tarhill Bryan Reece and some decent homegrown talent like former Towers center Ted Allen. Not to mention that one guy (forget his name) who went to the NBA for the Magic and the Lakers who is retired now but last played for the Manchester Magic I think.

  4. That'll be John Amaechi.
    Put it this way, Loren Meyer, who averaged 4.6ppg in the NBA, averaged something like 25ppg in the BBL. But you're right, Artest might not be as dominant as I suggested. After all, he's not the player he once was.

  5. Man, everyone has to mess with the new york ballers! lol